it's a flavor punch


Ooo wee! Sorrel will perk up your dish with it’s grabbing lemony flavor. (This is one to get the kids to like herbs. Let them have fun and watch each other pucker.)

With it’s sharp tart taste, it adds life to just about anything you throw it on. Like lemon it balances sweet flavors really well. So sad that it disappeared from cooking for a while, but boy are we glad that its back!

Our fish and salads have never been the same.

USDA Organic Certified Non-GMO

Sorrel is happiest inside its package, hanging out in your refrigerator drawer. Sorrel should last a week. Like lettuce, sorrel will start to look wilt and brown when it starts to go bad.

Have extra sorrel? No problem. Try these fresh ideas for how to use it quickly. ”

  1. Freeze pureed sorrel in ice cube trays with a little olive oil. These little favor bombs are perfect to quickly add flavor to fish, chicken or vegetables. Just drop a few in the pan before you roast or cook in the crockpot. It’s also great to use as a marinade.
  2. Add some to your water for a light lemon-y flavor. It’s always easier to get our 8 glasses of water, if it tastes great.