Fresh and Effortless

Organic Spicy Harissa

Feel’n hot, hot, hot! Flavor burgers, veggies, chicken wings, hummus and more!

  • Features 100% organic herbs or spices, organic oil, and only natural preservatives.
  • Prepared with fresh, organic ingredients for best taste & texture!
  • USDA Organic — free from all the nasty stuff!
  • Fresh without the mess—no chopping!
  • Versatile — can be used in hot or cold foods.
  • 2.8 oz resealable tube is perfect for flexible portions.

Ingredients: Organic beetroots (also used for coloring), organic carrots, water, organic sunflower oil, organic cayenne pepper powder, unrefined mediterranean sea salt, organic garlic, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic caraway, organic cilantro, xanthan and guar gums.

That’s Tasty Organic Herb Purées will be your new main squeeze!


mild heat
USDA Organic Certified Non-GMO

Use That’s Tasty™ Organic Harissa Purée to add a spicy kick to your favorite meals, OR combine it with vinegar and oil for quick salad dressing, marinade, or pan sauce.

1 Tbsp Organic Harissa Purée = 1 Tbsp Of Spicy Awesomeness!

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Harissa Hummus. Stir 1 tbsp of Organic Harissa Purée with 8 oz. of your favorite store-bought hummus.  You just upped your appetizer game, hundo-p.
  • Spicy Grilled Cheese. Wow your kids with a new take on grilled cheese!  Just slather 1-2 tbsps of Organic Harissa Purée on the bread, add your favorite cheese, and grill as normal.  You’re welcome.
  • Harissa Yogurt Sauce. Stir 2 tbsps of Organic Harissa Purée into 1 cup of Greek yogurt and serve with pita bread and veggies. When your guests ask you for the recipe, tell them you were working on this for hours (wink, wink!).

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