Local Organic Lettuce

Love and Romaine

Robust Crunch – goes with everything!

It’s grown indoors, locally, sustainably, and with no pesticides—just crisp and crunchy, yummy lettuce.

Organic is for everyone. It’s our mission!

USDA Organic Certified Non-GMO

We are crushin’ on Love & Romaine. Tall, sturdy, dark green and oh so handsome robust leaves with firm ribs down their centers. Oh my! And did we mention the taste? Organic romaine lettuce is crisp and crunchy with a savory, deep taste that has us speaking Italian, not just eating Caesar Salads.

Rinse before using.
Gently rinse and dry lettuce just before using.

Keep Refrigerated.
For best results keep refrigerated.

Local lettuce lasts longer!