The Belle of the Ball

Portabella Mushrooms

Available in both white and brown varietals, Portabella Mushrooms have many names—including “the common mushroom.”  But rest assured, there’s nothing common about these mushrooms which have a beautiful earthy flavor and tender chew when cooked.  That’s why they’re beloved in everything from pasta sauce and vegetable soup to casseroles and even salads! Ciao, Bella!

Rinse mushrooms in plenty of cold water, draining well and letting them air-dry.

Pour hot water over dried mushrooms and steep for up to half an hour or until soft.

Steeping times will vary by mushroom variety and size.  On average, one half ounce of dried mushrooms reconstitutes into two and a half ounces of hydrated mushrooms.

To keep dried mushrooms fresh, store them in an airtight container in the pantry or freezer.

Once re-hydrated, dried mushrooms can go just about anywhere fresh mushrooms can. Stir them into rice dishes or stir-fries. Add them to pasta sauces, marinades, or pizzas.