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Liven up your holiday favorites.

That’s Tasty Living Organic Herbs.

This year, wake up your holiday recipes with the fresh, bold flavor of living organic herbs straight from the plant. Pick up a pot, clip as needed, and suddenly your classic holiday dishes taste fresher and brighter than ever before.

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With a sweet, savory clove-like flavor, basil pairs well with tomatoes and is the perfect complement to Italian dishes.


An earthy, piney flavor makes rosemary the perfect herb to add a flavor punch while roasting poultry or fish.


Peppery thyme blends well with other herbs and makes a welcome addition to seafood, sauces and stews.


Thanksgiving stuffing wouldn’t be the same without sage. Its warm flavor goes well with gamey meats and sausage.


A refreshing, cool burst of flavor makes mint a versatile herb. Perfect for everything from savory dishes to desserts to cocktails.

Italian Parsley

Light, sour and slightly bitter, Italian parsley is easy to use as a garnish or an ingredient in soups and sauces.

Taste the freshness

The holidays come only once a year. Make your favorite recipes extraordinary with the bright freshness of living, organic herbs.

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Citrus Herb Turkey Brine

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Herb Roasted Beef

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Festive Roast Pork Loin

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